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Bizagi is an easy-to-use BPM development and execution platform that excels in a number of very important areas.

Development Wizard

The development environment employs a clear and focussed Wizard interface that leads you through the development stages painlessly and productively. This Wizard does not have to be employed by more experienced users, but it does provide new and less experienced users a great deal of structure to their development efforts.

Online Training

The online training courses available are second to none in our experience. Although these courses will not get you up to full speed, for example for certifications, they provide an excellent example of how effective basic training can be. For experienced BPM developers, they will help you to get productive in the minimum possible time. For new developers, they will be an invaluable resource.

Data Management

The manner in which data can be defined and used is easy and powerful. So much of the minutiae of data management is managed for you that it becomes as much of an aid to development as a BPMS itself.

Use of data in the development environment is also greatly facilitated. Entities can be used as they are, without needing to understand the underlying linking mechanisms. XPath queries, although they may take a little well-spent time learning, are also extremely powerful facilitators for use of the data.

Although you can do all this yourself with an understanding of SQL, there is no longer any need for you to do so.

Form Design

We have found the form design to be the best we have come across, and we do not say this lightly. We particularly like the management of grids. There are so many areas where it excels, it could almost warrant an article of its own, to be honest. Suffice to say, it is easy to build powerful and functional forms, and even multiple chained forms, very quickly.

Collaboration Potential

The separated development areas (eg: Process, Forms, Business Rules etc) and repository-based structure allow for productive collaboration between Business Analysts and different types of Developers with ease. This can make your development team much more productive, both in the short and long term.