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Integration in Bizagi

definition of Integrate

Integrate lets you define integrated interfaces, if you are doing integration. It can be with the rest of your systems in the organisation or with other processes, which is known as Collaboration.


example of a warning triangle

All Service Task Activities without an interface defined show with a warning triangle.

example of entering the Web Service URL

Selecting one of these allows you to enter the Web Service URL, and the definition is retrieved.

example of input parameters

You then select the input parameters from the process data ...

example of storing the output parameters

... then select the process data to store the output parameters ...

example of defining the action

... then define the action to perform if an error occurs, and the interface is set.


To define Signals for Collaboration (between processes), you are shown the Message and Signal Events and Activities. Effectively a Signal is 'broadcast', and can be received by any event (including a start event), and Messages are only caught by the specified target event.

example of Message Events and Tasks

Message Events and Tasks without messages are shown with a warning triangle.

example of configure message

Selecting one of these will allow you to select the process, element (which could be a receive Event or Task), and data item for the Message.

Signals are similar to messages, but less rigorous.

example of a throw Signal

There is a 'throw' Signal ...

example of a catch Signal

... and a 'catch' Signal.

These must be of the same name.