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Bizagi Review

Bizagi state: Bizagi Studio turns your process models into running applications so you can distribute them across your organization at lightning speed. Intuitive "drag and drop" interface helps you easily adapt your processes to your ever-changing world. With Bizagi Studio, continuous improvement is now a reality.

Bizagi Studio description

One thing that stands out about the product is that the software can be downloaded used for trial use for free. In addition, and this is outstanding, they provide an on-line training course for free, even before you have bought licenses (as I understand it).

As far as I am aware, this is unprecedented among mainstream BPM software vendors. It is a very welcome change.

Bizagi uses a creative Wizard concept to guide you through the development tasks. We will go through these steps these as intended in the sections below, as we do in our Quck Start demonstration here:

Part one of our Quick Start demonstration using Bizagi