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Reduce the number deployment messages

I don't know about you, but we find the extraordinary number of messages passing by in the messages panel rather redundant. I certainly do not want all that information, but I DO want to see errors and warnings, but some warnings I like to hide (eg - that field has no caption).

The cool thing is, you can define your own filter. Just Right-Click on any column header and select 'Filter Editor'. The hard part is setting it up. Having set up a number of systems now, we have a long list of exclusions and exceptions to those exclusions.

Here's the neat part: if the root node is selected (it is by default normally), you can press Ctrl-C to copy the entire filter. You can then go to the filter in a new Designer install and paste in the filter using Ctrl-V.

Here is the one we use. It may have some redundant filters itself as we have built it up over many months.


[Type] = 'Error' Or [Type] = 'Warning' Or [Type] = 'Success' Or [Type] Is Null Or [Text] Like '%validation started%' Or [Text] = 'Deployment started' Or [Text] Like 'Validating%' Or [Text] Like 'Start Validation%' Or [Text] Like 'Validate was finished%' Or [Text] Like 'A new version%' Or [Text] = 'One or more libraries has been updated'

Just open your filter, and if you have not set any, delete the 'default' one and paste this text in. It will become the root node once you close and reopen the filter editor.