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We have been professionally involved in software development in many different aspects for nearly thirty years. In this time we have had the opportunity to see a great many software projects of all sizes, and of many different types.

The most relevant type of software project for the purposes of this methodology is the in-house development within medium to large enterprises. These are the most common projects that my company is involved in, and therefore these formed the basis of the methodology itself.

The main reason for developing our own methodology was that we could not find a suitable one for our own development situation. That is not to say there were none, but that none that we could find were appropriate. Our projects tend to be based on Rapid Application Development (hereinafter termed Rapid Development), and very 'Business-Centric'.

In general, we found that most of the formal methodologies were just too technical for our business stakeholders to understand. What we needed was a methodology that was as approachable to business stakeholders as the Business Process Management concepts themselves, and one that was also as effective.

In searching for a methodology, we came to the ultimate conclusion that we were almost pioneers in our very specific field. As such, we should consider creating our own methodology to define what it is that we ourselves do effectively. In the process of this exercise, we came across several areas where our own practices were not effective enough. The methodology we have created not only builds on what we have succeeded at doing, but quite definitely extends into areas where we can see that improvements could be made to the development process, and areas in which we believe our industry is often wanting.

Work in progress

Please note that this is a work in progress. It is not complete, so please bear with as it is updated (hopefully regularly).