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User Management

Our User Management solution is a Metastorm BPM solution that we use both internally and in all of our customers' installations to manage users and role assignments in the Metastorm BPM system. As this is used every working day, it undergoes constant revision and updates. As new features are desired by ourselves or our customers, they can be added.


The main purpose of the User Management system is to manage users in the system without the need to go through the Metastorm Administration tools.

Our goal was to remove the need for a Metastorm Adminstrator to add and update users. This role can be given to specific users without granting them the Metastorm Administrator role (unlike the built in tools).

Another main goal was to allow users to request role updates, and have these requests approved and applied. The whole audit trail of who was granted or revoked each role, when and by whom, is also stored for the record.

It also allows users to update their own passwords, instead of needing an Administrator to do it.


This is a heavily-used solution, and will be undergoing many different updates. Planned features are:

Request User Profile updates, approve and apply.

Attribute management

Regular forced password updates

How to get it

You can download the Solution here for free:

User Management Solution

Please note that this was developed in Metastorm BPM version, and may not be compatible with any earlier versions.

To install:

1. Deploy the included Libraries from the Libraries directory.

2. Deploy the Solution itself from the User Management directory.

If you have any difficulties, please visit out Support Forums:

Metastorm BPM Support Forums

How to use it

See our live demos of the functionality of the solution here:

User Management setup

Set up Users

Request Role Updates