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BPM Platform Selection

One of the main problems encountered when starting a BPM initiative is selecting the most appropriate BPM platform. Unfortunately, almost all vendors will be trying to persuade you to buy their software, unsurprisingly. The problem is that BPM is not about the software, but the processes. This concept is very often lost when the salespeople start making their pitches, because their only gain occurs if you buy their software. Another great problem is that BPM initiatives can easily stall while such decisions are being made, and thus lose momentum as the focus is lost.

We are different. We will not sell you your BPM platform, but help you decide the best choice based on your own internal needs. This allows you to continue your BPM initiative regardless of the technical discussions and decisions. In this way you can concentrate on the processes, not the technology.

With our extensive experience of BPM development using many different platforms, as well as a keen understanding of the Business needs of a BPM system, we can make sure that you are able to 'see the wood for trees'. Most importantly, we are able to understand the benefits and shortcomings of most BPM systems, and having no axe to grind, we are able to give you this information with complete impartiality.

The result is that you are able to ignore the overly optimistic sales patter, and your business stakeholders can avoid the confusion and resource overheads that are often caused by competing sales teams. This allows you to concentrate on your real BPM initiative rather than getting embroiled in technical discussions.