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BPM Project Rescue and Recovery

It's a well known fact that many IT projects are either partial or complete failures. In 2004, only 34% of IT projects were considered a success. The rest were either scrapped completely, over budget, over schedule and/or missing features.

BPM projects are just as susceptible to these problems as any other IT project. If your BPM project is suffering from implementation problems, then Process Mapping can help. With over 10 years experience in implementing, maintaining and rescuing BPM projects, we have the skills required to get your project back on track

Our approach to project rescue works like this -

We spend between a day and five days (dependant on the size of the project) analysing your project. After this analysis, we will be able to answer the following questions

Is BPM the right solution to your business requirements?

BPM can solve a myriad of business problems but is not the best fit for everything. It may be that off-the-shelf software can meet your needs or if your project has very complex requirements custom development may be required.

Although you will have no doubt spent a lot of money on purchasing BPM software, if it doesn't fit with your requirements it may still be cheaper in the long run to not use it for the current project. But there will likely be other areas of your organisation that could use BPM software successfully.

What parts of the project can be salvaged?

We will find the parts of the system that are working, those parts that are fragile and any pieces we believe can not be feasibly repaired. Often the best approach to rescuing a failing project is to cut back the requirements to a bare minimum, get that working, then iteratively add the other requirements in the future. This spreads out costs for the customer and reduces risk. Fortunately BPM software makes this kind of development approach possible.

What were the main reasons for the project failing?

Project post mortems are a very useful learning exercise. Unfortunately doing this in-house can be difficult since those close to the project may have tunnel vision and also may feel they can not admit to making mistakes.

How much will it cost to fix it?

If the project can be realistically saved, we can provide detailed quotes to fix all or some of the project.

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have:

We've spent a lot on consultants who have helped produce a system that doesn't work, why should we trust Process Mapping?

We have been successfully implementing BPM projects for over 10 years, so we have a wealth of experience to call upon.

Also, we find retaining customers a lot easier than acquiring new customers, so we aim to offer a quality service. Long term customer satisfaction is better for us than short term income based on bad service.

Finally, we are not a sales organisation. We do not rely on software sales for income and unlike most providers are not limited by any partnership constraints, therefore we are able to recommend the most appropriate product.

We've just spent a huge amount of money on this failing project, why spend even more?

If there is still some chance of rescuing the project, then it still may be worth spending a little extra to rescue it. Better that than writing off the whole investment.

Why can't we just do this in-house?

Another pair of eyes is likely to spot things that will be missed by the people who have been involved with the project from the start. This is why writers get their work proof-read by another person or, closer to home, developers get their code reviewed and tested by other people.

If you would like to know more about this service, then please email or phone us.