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Metastorm BPM Migration

Metastorm BPM is nearing the end of its life, and version 9 is the final version to be released. OpenText are consolidating all of their BPM offerings into the Cordys platform.

Having extensive Metastorm BPM skills and experience, as well as extremely experienced Cordys resources, we are perfectly placed to provide services to convert existing Metastorm BPM systems into Cordys systems with the minimum of disruption to your organisation. Having completed an unprecedented number of Metastorm BPM upgrades and migrations, we are uniquely positioned to manage the entire process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

At the same time as providing the migration services, we can fully document your existing and future systems. This documentation can also be used to manage all of your ongoing design and development for the future.

If your preferred BPM platform is not Cordys, we can still provide the services and resources to manage the entire migration using our internal skills and extensive global network of BPM experts.