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Free Seminar - A Practical Guide to Successful BPM

We are finding that many clients are now looking for new BPM products so we have been evaluating many different options. We would like to share our findings and the following related topics in this upcoming seminar.

We do not align to any particular BPM, rather we aim to use our extensive experience to provide support or migration advice for those clients wanting to change or are in the market for a new BPM platform.

There is no sales pitch and we see the day more as a collaborative group of sessions rather than the traditional lecture approach at many seminars.We look forward to seeing you. Please email your immediate interest to:

This will be the first in a series of events and we are waiving fees to the inaugural event.


Please register to attend here:

A Practical Guide to Successful BPM

If you are unable to register at the above link, please email us: APracticalGuideToSuccessfulBPM (at)


Benefits of BPM practice

Examples of where BPM has benefited businesses. We will demonstrate what can happen when they get it right.

Caught in the BPM Bear Traps

Where BPM can go wrong. Typical difficulties faced by BPM projects. The importance of methodology. We will provide examples from those undertaking projects about their specific difficulties.

Choosing a BPMS vendor

What criteria do you set and how do you weight them? Demonstrate how how to decide which product was best for a business. The factors we would consider. (Audience participation to build the list). The 'What do you think is important?' questions.

Typical BPMS products

Brief overview of some of the main products. Provide some detail on the products under consideration, show some of the good and bad points to each product. Demonstrate the difference between workflow and BPM.

Migrating to another BPMS

Using Process Documentation to comprehensively document & design processes and business rules, allowing the effective use of any platform.

QUT presentation - Leveraging Workflow Patterns: YAWL

This presentation will briefly introduce the concepts of Workflow Patterns and Workflow nets, two concepts were used as foundations for the realization of the YAWL system. QUT will then present the architecture of YAWL, and some of its features. Finally, QUT will conclude with a short demo of YAWL.

Process Mapping

The Process Mapping approach to BPM and why this works

Our experience in the BPM world

The value of independent skilled consultants

Q&A Session

Open forum to raise/discuss any issues you may have, or want clarified from any of the presentations.